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Tuning Files[]


Tuning in it's most basic form is the manipulation of a vehicle to make it run in a certain way; generally better!

With ECU tuning, the user manipulates data within the computer to change how it controls the car/engine.

As DIY modification of the ECU software isn't supported by Volvo, a lot of hard work has been done by members of the volvo community to research, document and bring you an open source tuning solution for M44.


To tune Motronic 4.4 we use TunerPro RT , a powerful (and free) platform for use with various automotive tuning applications.

TunerPro needs 3 main file types to work with in order to make a start tuning and logging, these are:

  • .BIN files: This is the actual software/maps that the ECU computes data with. It is a file that stores data in a binary format, hence it's name.
  • .XDF files: A TunerPro specific definition file that provides the location of data/maps/etc within the .bin file. It provides you with a visual location of the data, through the parameter tree.
  • .ADX files: A TunerPro specific acquisition file used to stream/log data from the ECU in your car to TunerPro.

Note: It is a must that you use an XDF/ADX file that matches your .bin version/revision (607, 608, e.t.c., more below).

We mainly use two .bin versions, these are:

  • 607: this is the software from a euro spec HPT with an automatic transmission.
  • 608: this is the software from a euro spec HPT with a manual transmission.



608 (Manual Trans):

607 (Auto Trans):

  • 607_rev5b.bin (original unmodified, except for logging routine; blue/white injectors)

TunerPro XDF's:

Rev5b.xdf (the original)

Rev5b_MAF_linearisation.xdf (Untested - refer to post # 4750 20Feb2015)

Rev5b_607-608_fox-01.xdf (by turboforslund)

rev5b_609_fox_01.xdf (by turboforslund) Works together with 609 bin (193hp LPT)


TunerPro ADX's:

rev5_test.adx (the original)


rev5tmm9AFRa.adx (set with factor for AEM WBO2 1-5v) input Dash Screenshot:


rev5tmm9AFRaRdash.adx (reskinned with darker colors based on P2R) Dash Screenshot:


All M44 Tuning Resources Download (the above plus more)

Stock Binaries

If you would like to flash a completely stock .bin file as provided by Volvo you can source these by downloading the Motronic Tuning Suite. It comes bundled with numerous stock .bins in the 'Binaries' folder. The files that are 128kb are M4.4 binaries.

Alternatively a mirror of the binary files included in MotronicSuite can be found below.

Motronic Suite Bins