Tuning files Edit

What they are Edit

Tuning in it's most basic form is the manipulation of a vehicle to make it run in a certain way; generally better!

With ECU tuning, the user manipulates data within the computer to change how it controls the car.

To do this in TunerPro, we require certain files:

  • .Bin files: This is the actual tune that the ECU computes data with. It is a file that stores data in a binary format, hence it's name.
  • .XDF files: A definition file that provides the location of data within the .Bin file. It provides you with a visual location of the data, through the parameter tree.
  • .ADX files: Definition file used to log data streamed to TunerPro


  • .XDL: This is the logging file format, it is the log itself.

Download locations for files Edit

Because these files all work together, It is critical that you have a matching .xdf, .adx and .bin!

  • The 607 indicates a .bin for an automatic car.
  • The 608 indicates a .bin for a manual car.
  • 'p-part' indicates that the boost request scheme has been modified from original (Link no longer works)

Mirror :

Mirror2: copyOf-www.piese-volvo.rodroidvolvo

If you would like to flash a completely stock .bin file as provided by Volvo you can download the Motronic Tuning Suite. It comes bundled with numerous stock .bins in the 'Binaries' folder. The files that are 128kb are M4.4 binaries.




[1]608_rev5b.bin (original unmodified, except for logging routine; manual trans)

608_rev5b18PSINew.bin by Simply Volvo (orange injectors/15g/emissions disable)

608_rev5bLaunchControlAL.bin (stock w/launch control)


607_rev5b.bin (original unmodified, except for logging routine; auto-magic)


Rev5b.xdf (the original)

Rev5b_MAF_linearisation.xdf Untested - refer to post # 4750 20Feb2015

Rev5b_607-608_fox-01.xdf (by turboforslund)

rev5b_609_fox_01.xdf (by turboforslund) Works together with 609 bin (193hp LPT)



rev5_test.adx (the original)


rev5tmm9AFRa.adx (set with factor for AEM WBO2 1-5v) input Dash Screenshot:


rev5tmm9AFRaRdash.adx (reskinned with darker colors based on P2R) Dash Screenshot: