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What is an Ostrich 2.0? Without getting too technical, it is a flashable EEPROM chip that acts as a "buffer" between your laptop and the ECU and makes tuning modifications possible without having to flash the stock EEPROM chip every time, saving much time! This is how to install an Ostrich 2.0 module.

Refer to Post#1480 Jan14 2013 by Simply Volvo

Components you need:

Gallery 44472 1215 96313.jpg

Ostrich 2.0 Module

Floppy Cable such as this

Your ECU

First things first, you're going to open up the ECU:

Gallery 44472 1215 14786.jpg
Gallery 44472 1215 9369.jpg

All opened up:

Gallery 44472 1215 166121.jpg

Here is the stock EEPROM Chip (right under the toggle):

Gallery 44472 1215 112913.jpg

Next you'll want to remove the chip, Simply Volvo used a dremel but here is an alternate recommended method:

It should look like this once the chip is removed and all cleaned up:

Gallery 44472 1215 106961.jpg

Now for the actual install, you have a couple of options to get it all wired up:

Method 1 (soldering floppy cable to the ECU)

First, here is a pinout of the EEPROM chip pinout:

Gallery 44472 1215 5255.png

Here is a pinout of the Ostrich:


If you look at this picture, you see pin 1, if you are looking directly at the ostrich connector, pin 1 on the schematic is the upper most right pin on the ostrich connector.


Pin 1 = Upper most right

Pin 33 = Upper most Left

pin 2 = Bottom most right

Pin 34 = Bottom most Left

Gallery 44472 1215 2490.jpg

Now for the floppy cable, first cut off the male connector:

Gallery 44472 1215 84706.jpg

pin 1 is the wire that is pink (or colored). So the pink wire would correlate upper most right on the ostrich connector, but since nothing is connected to that I just snipped it. Pin 2, bottom most right is the second wire on the ribbon cable (next to the pink). That has no connection either so can be cut. The next wire correlates to pin 3, which is VCCT. You can now follow the pattern below to figure out which wires correlate to which pin.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.06.40 PM.png

Split the cables:

Gallery 44472 1215 65009.jpg

You can go ahead and cut away the wires you don't need:

Gallery 44472 1215 70979.jpg

Now go ahead solder all of the wires to the appropriate pads:

Gallery 44472 1215 115984.jpg

All buttoned up again:

Gallery 44472 1215 1292.jpg

Method 2 (Easier to solder):

For the alternate method, you will also need:

PLCC32 Socket

DIP-32 to PLCC-32 IC Adapter(Part E32-0035)

32 Pin Ostrich Cable

1. Desolder the PLCC32 chip using the above youtube video.

2. Solder in the PLCC32 Socket:

Null zpsd6fc9aff.jpg

heres another video for hints:

3. Plug the adapter into the socket, then plug the cable into the adapter, then the cable into the ostrich:

Null zps64e5534a.jpg

Setting Up Ostrich:

  1. Install FTDI Drivers from here.
  2. Then, on the ostrich, on the side there are little switches. These need to be set to 28/32 and 32.
  3. Plug in the ostrich
  4. Open up tunerpro RT.
  5. You can then use all of the Emulation features like upload and emulate, etc. Refer to the help manual for this.

Credit to Simply Volvo and Hussein, compiled and reposted.