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(All Parameters are described as they appear in the REV6.XDF Linked at the bottom of this page)

VE Map Part LoadEdit

This map is a multiplier for the amount of fuel injected into the engine based on Load measured in MS and Engine Speed based on RPM. Dividing the stoichiometric ratio for gasoline, 14.7 by the value in the map will give the rough AFR, (14.7/x=AFR). To do this in the REV6.XDF edit the XDF value by right-clicking and selecting Edit Parameter, then go to the conversion tab and edit the Global Table Equation and make it look like so "14.7/(x*0.0078125)" excluding the quotes.

This Map uses the following scales and axes:

  • Major RPM
  • Major RPM (Upper Bank)
  • Major Load
  • Major Load (Upper Bank)

WOT EnrichmentEdit

This map multiplies the values in the VE Part Load Map when the ECU detects Wide Open Throttle. This is a crude way of tuning and you are better off just changing the VE Map.

Load Threshold Lambda ControlEdit

This map controls at what load and RPM the ECU goes into open loop control and no longer uses STFT to keep the AFR at 14.7. Changing the values can help prevent lean-out under boost. When you get into boost is dependent on your setup but usually, ends up being around a load of 4ms.

This map is duplicated in the Upper Bank.

Acceleration/Deceleration EnrichmentEdit

DK component appears to be the fast initial enrichment

K+L component appears to be the slower secondary enrichment and taper.

More info coming soon

Advanced ParametersEdit

The parameters here do not usually need to be adjusted but will be described anyway.

Fuel TrimsEdit

Injection Start AngleEdit

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